Tuesday, May 05, 2009

NBC rolls out 6 new shows in bid to rescue ratings

NEW YORK (Reuters) – In need of a fresh hit, NBC on Monday rolled out six new prime-time series for the upcoming television season, anchored by the lighthearted family drama "Parenthood," a remake of the popular 1989 hit film.

NBC Universal's flagship TV network, NBC, is counting on the lineup of four new dramas and two comedies to rescue its low-rated prime-time schedule. NBC regularly trails rivals CBS, Fox and ABC in the prime-time audience ratings that help determine where advertisers spend their money.

Angela Bromstad, the president of NBC's prime-time entertainment division, said the current lineup featured some of TV's highest-quality shows, but acknowledged the network needed some fresh, breakout hits.

"It's absolutely critical that we bring in new hits to support those programs," she said.

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