Saturday, May 02, 2009

Eric Bana's "beast" love rivals his acting passion

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Eric Bana, star of movies such as "Troy" and "Munich," let New Yorkers in on a different slice of his seemingly glitzy life this week at the Tribeca Film Festival -- his passion for cars and motor racing.

The green monster of 2003's "Hulk" who returns to movie screens on May 8 in big-budget "Star Trek," has made his directing debut with a documentary revolving around his love of cars. Although, he says, it truly deals with friendship and having interests in life other than just work and career.

"Love the Beast" tells of his obsession with his beaten-up 1973 Ford GT Falcon Coupe, nicknamed "The Beast." He has owned it since he was 15 years-old and, he says, it "has had a very big impact on my life" because it kept him off the streets and "out of trouble when I was younger."

The Australian actor told Reuters he loves acting and would find life hard if he could not be involved in filmmaking, but as automobile enthusiast, he would be "devastated if someone took the keys to my car away and said you can't have it back."

"Love The Beast" follows the 40-year-old Bana and his closest friends as they transform his cherished Falcon Coupe into a racing machine and enter it in a five-day rally on public roads in southern Australia.

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