Sunday, February 01, 2009

From bands to Bruce, halftimes show Super growth

TAMPA, Fla. – Way before Prince, Paul McCartney or the Rolling Stones ever stepped onto a Super Bowl stage, there was Shirlee Bertolini. In her donkey costume.

So much has changed since she paraded around the Los Angeles Coliseum field for that very first halftime show.

Truth is, she wouldn't mind seeing things more like they were in 1967.

"We put on a band show. A fantastic band show," she said this week by telephone from Tucson, where she's in her 54th year as the University of Arizona's twirling coach. "You want to go to a concert, go to a concert.

"Now they're going to have Bruce Springsteen. So what? You could get a marching band, and it wouldn't cost you $10 million. I'm sorry, but that's ridiculous."

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