Monday, February 11, 2008

Striking writers put down the signs for a night of fun

NEW YORK -- Ever since writers went on strike in November, a scruffy-looking Seth Meyers, a head scribe for "Saturday Night Live," has been a regular presence on the picket lines here. But after leaving Saturday's Writers Guild of America meeting, where union leaders presented details about a tentative agreement with producers, the comedian shaved.

What prompted the dramatic gesture, which was on full display at the WGA awards in Manhattan that evening?

"Confidence," Meyers said. "Confidence that this might soon be over."

Such buoyancy filled the Hudson Theatre near Times Square, where several hundred members of the WGA East had assembled for its annual awards ceremony. The WGA West opted to cancel its program out of deference to the strike, but the WGA East decided to hold a scaled-down reception to honor the winners.

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