Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nobody's willing to take me seriously in Bollywood: Jackie Chan

Exit the dragon, enter the rubber man. Taking over the mantle of Bruce Lee, he has kick-boxed his way through 96 movies and is still chopping-‘n'-bopping the meanies. The attempts of the Hong Kong action man to make it big time in Hollywood met with mixed results, a situation he hopes to remedy with Rush Hour 3.

Spry at the age of 53, he's believed to be the highest paid star in Asia and would love to dance around the conifers at apna tinsel studios.. Jackie Chan in a biff-pow-bang conversation with Rachana Dubey

Aren't you upset that the Chinese government may ban Rush Hour 3?
I am aware of this news. The Chinese government has not welcomed our movie. Actually the Chinese government screens have restricted the number of foreign media content.. only 20 foreign films are allowed in a year.

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